Galerie - Hilfsangebot an die USA als Wahlhelfer
Wie jeder in Heidesheim weiss, hat unser Stammtisch ja auch eine soziale Ader. Wir feiern nicht ausschließlich, sonder kümmern uns - mit unseren bescheidenen Mitteln - auch um die Belange von anderen Menschen.

So schauten auch wir Ende 2000 betroffen über den großen Teich und beobachteten die kuriosen Vorgänge der amerikanischen Präsidentschaftswahl. Kurz entschlossen und voller Hilfsbereitschaft mailten wir folgendes Angebot an das Weiße Haus:
Dear Mister Bush and Mister Gore,
We've heard about your problems by the election of the job as president of the USA.
So we are a Stammtisch from Germany with sixteen members.
We're sure you think now: "What the ….?", isn't it ?

So we want to help you to clear your little problem. You ask how ?

Now, we are the best counters on the earth, very quick and absolute serious. Our Stammtisch exists for 13 years. All this time our free time work was to count our empty beer-glasses to control if the waiter is right by the bill. You see, we have the know-how of counting things over 13 years. So we can say: we are specialist of this.

For your problem we would to come to Florida to count the election-cards.

The prize for that is only the honour for us. And a 4 week all included holiday at the best hotel of Miami Beach (you aren't right if you think that would be cheap).

Mister Bush, Mister Gore,you can be sure that our result would be right

We're waiting for your answer.
Yours sincerely
the regular-guest-table to the walking meter
(Stammtisch zum laufenden Meter)

Wir hoffen, daß keiner unserer Englischlehrer/innen jemals diese Mail beurteilen wird, da unser EGO doch empfindlich getroffen werden könnte. Trotzdem haben die Amis es bekommen und .....naja....nur ein Standartmail zurück gesendet.

Aber immerhin, der Stammtisch pflegt weltweite Kontakte !!!
Dear Friend:

Thank you for writing to Vice President Gore via electronic mail.Since coming on line, the Vice President has received hundreds of thousands of messages from people all over the world.
Although the volume of mail prevents the Vice President from personally reviewing each message, please be assured that he is made aware of your concerns, ideas, and suggestions, and a detailed report of the mail is provided to the Vice President on a regular basis.
Your message will be brought to his attention as part of that report.

We need your help, however, to ensure that we can read and record your message clearly. Please try to write short and concise messages, address only one issue per message, and send only one copy of your message. You will receive one automated response per day.

You may also want to contact where you may get a copy of the Vice President's press releases, speeches, bio information, and background on his initiatives.

Again, thank you for your views and continued interest. They are very important to us.


Eric Anderson
Director of Correspondence
for the Vice President